Project Description


Location: Molasadra

Client: Dr. Mahdi Parvaresh

Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Cooperating Designer: Saman Ahdi Azar ,Mohadeseh Misagh Taheri

Design Manager: Nasrin Moradi

Former use: Office

Area: 80 m2

Start and End Date: 2018

The main idea behind the interior design of this clinic was to create a larger space for patient’s waiting lobby and placement of two distinct but related rooms for ophthalmology and the neurologist. The large number of patient’s files, the small room and also the huge number of patients on the peak time, have been the challenges in the process of designing of the project. In the designing of interior parts of this place we used relatively fluid forms and bright colors such as white and blue, which have greatly reduced the disordering of this place.

Designing benches attached to the wall and multi-sided furniture, made this possibility of creating more usable places to sit and use. Creating hidden and decorative shelves, and ordering patient’s files differently by using new regulations provided better organization for secretary.