Project Description


Location:Mashhad ,Iran


Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Cooperating Designer:  Saman Ahdi Azar ,Mohadeseh Misagh Taheri ,Iman Mehrabi

Execution Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Former use: Hotel

Area: 200 m2

Start and End Date: 2017

Modern hotels have cleverly adapted to rapid social changes with creative solutions.

The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular hotel area. With the new business traveling trend, hotel lobbies should provide a multi-use space for casual as well as formal talks, working on laptops, plugging in various devices. This means a simple sofa-coffee table arrangement won’t cut it. Creative space segmentation is necessary, providing both intimate and social zones, as well as furniture delivering comfort and functionality

No longer is the classic bed-table-locker combo enough to make a hotel room feel inviting. In today’s world guests expect surprises and where else, but away from home. Probably why each interior in the modern hospitality industry is very different from the next. Creative offices for business travelers, interesting looking TV panels and an extra sofa next to the king-sized bed are just some of the key “ingredients” for a trendy hotel room. We’ve also seen color explosions and eclectic decor mixes, which can definitely appeal to guests wanting to experience unique accommodation.