Project Description


Location: Iran, Tehran ,Fereshteh st, Takhti st

Client: Mehrabadi

Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Cooperating Designer: Alireza Nejadnik, Hamid Hatampour, Salman Moradi, Saman Ahdiazar, Farzad Hamedi

Run construction company : Sarhngian and Associates co

Former use: Residential

Land Area: 707 sq.m

Number of floors: 7 Floor 15 unit sizes 110, 120 and 125 and 2 floors Joint

Construction of the infrastructure occupies: 5500 square meters

Quality construction area: 3500 m²

Start and End Date: 2013

Elahie residential building was designed at 10 floor. Lobby, conference hall, kids play ground, sauna, parking and storage are located in 3floor and the other 7 floor are residential.

This project located in a land that overlook a huge garden from south and to the street from 3 direction. According to the view and perspective of the landscape, also sun accessibility of the facade the designer try to have the most interaction with surrounding. For enhancing the sense of interaction between the open&close space and keep the integration of residential space geometry, terraces were preparation in different view of facade. Design of the building based on the idea of modern Iranian building and in interior design resolving the functional requirement like psychological need and aesthetic was considered.

Design Ideas: With respect to the potential of sites for the regarding vista and skylight of the building faces, the designer has attempted to create the most possible interplay between the aforementioned factors and the environment considering the intimacy of the living spaces. Terraces have been created to different faces for a more effectual correlation between the inner and outer spaces of the building together with the optimal composition of façade.

Project summary: Residential sector: Consists of 24 residential units with sizes of 125, 250 square meters. The welfare and service areas include: lobbies, waiting, hall, children’s play area, parking, custodian unit, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, parking and storage.