Project Description


Location: Pasdaran

Client: Mr.Nazari

Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Cooperating Designer:  Saman Ahdi Azar, Mohadeseh Misagh Taheri, Bahman Emamyari

Design Manager: Nasrin Moradi

Former use: Residential

Area: 2400 m2

Start and End Date: 2019

Apartment no.47 is a five-story residential building located in Psdaran, northeast of Tehran. Each floor contains a single three-bedroom unit. The ground floor houses the main entrance, lobby and a multi-purpose room. Other amenities such as gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and parking are located in the basement. Historically a house bears special values in Iranian architecture and culture, values such as hierarchy, legibility, introversion, balance, and unity and specially respect to the privacy of families. During the past century, according to the changes in lifestyle and a large demand for new constructions, most of these precious values have been changed.
The main design idea behind Apartment no.47 was to revitalize the lost heritage and to give a modern interpretation to the old concepts. A combination of fixed wooden panels and protruded modular frames are used to create a modern and dynamic facade. The wooden panels in front of the windows act as a temperature buffer by filtering natural light. During different time of a day, the patterns create a beautiful effect of light and shadow inside each unit. Rooftop garden and modular flower boxes in front of the windows are designed to improve environmental quality while accentuating the aesthetic values.