Project Description


Location: Lavasan

Client: Mr.younes shadi

Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Cooperating Designer: Saman Ahdi Azar ,Mohadeseh Misagh Taheri

Execution Designer: Nasrin Moradi

Former use: Residential

Area: 1270 m2

Start and End Date:

The Lavasan vila is located in Lavasan . Its use is exclusive to summer holidays and weekend breaks for the owners. The idea of the project consist in promoting family and friends gathering. Its lower floor is a social open space (living room, dining room) that looks outside to the pool and the nature that surrounds the building. Medium cost materials have been used in innovative ways to provide comfort and visual quality to the users. The upper floor consist of the private family area: bedrooms, bathrooms….These spaces are made of concrete structure and covered with a pre-fabricated concrete, brick and wood. Of striking features, brick and black frames from a set of volumes on the north and south façade and receives two intentional openings for the view of the landscape.